Non-exhaustive list of poker names (shown in the stats menu), in no alphabetical order:

  • Ace Ginger, Stunt Pilot
  • Artie Flopshark, Deceased (used when the player has a negative winning total)
  • Bobo Woodcoin
  • Chet Chester, Cheddar Checker
  • Chin "The Chilla Chin" Chiller
  • Dame Olive Cardpalm
  • Max Ides: The Middling Killer
  • Mickey Mensch The Pocket Padder
  • Paws Hogg, Poker Pro
  • Poorpockets Mcnewhols
  • Rake Frechman, Money Aficionado
  • Remy Rebuy, Optimist
  • Suzy Sideking

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